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Things People have been kind enough to say

Joining Everyday People...

Grace Abell, Abell Design

"Do join! Sam takes good care of you. As a freelancer I've got work with a returning client who pays well and gives me projects at a level I wouldn't have without Everyday People."

Richard Gray, Zumo Juice

"I chose Everyday People because I wanted to join a community that recognised the value of freelancers. Everyday People works to benefit both the time-starved project owner as well as the freelancer. It means freelancers that can offer quality, cost-effective work and not simply just cheap."

(Watch my interview with Richard)

Joe Skillington, Whistle Video

"I was interested in joining Everyday People as it is a great place to pitch for high quality work. The freelance community can sometimes get very complicated but Everyday People make it very simple."

Posting a Project...

Richard McDougall, YorkMix

"Sam and Everyday People have saved our bacon on a number of occasions. Their recommendations have hooked us up with tried and tested developers, when a third party has let us down. We are now working with these suppliers on new and bigger projects as our business continues to grow."

Oliver Loftus, Frobo

"Everyday People was a great way for Frobo to find out what talent there was in the market before deciding to go with any particular one. What set Everyday People out from other services was the mix of an online platform with the personal service Sam offers."

Ian Graham, Viatic

"It was really easy to post our brief through the site and then just sit back and wait for the quotes to come back. Three quotes, very little effort! Within a few days, we had three costed proposals from designers who had been validated. We also loved the fact that it was locally sourced, keeping the work in Yorkshire."

If you have any questions I’d be happy to give you a call or get a coffee.



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