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We are Everyday People


The big question, why would I invest my time and money? Here it is in a nutshell.

The purpose of Everyday People is to help Yorkshire-based freelancers and businesses. I genuinely admire and want to help those with the tenacity to work for themselves so we can all enjoy gratification and accomplishment in our work while giving us the freedom to pursue joy and fulfilment in all aspects of our lives.

What do we do?

Caring about great work and enjoyable relationships, Everyday People introduces growing businesses to Yorkshire-based freelancers.

How do I do it?

  • ◊ Seek to work with people with similar values and outlook.
  • ◊ Learn from, and enjoy the company of everyone I have the pleasure of meeting.
  • ◊ Always try to do the right thing.

What do I value?

  • ◊ Mastery. Fortunately, I get to witness this in many forms daily.
  • ◊ Humility.
  • ◊ Kindness.
  • ◊ Continual learning.
  • ◊ Determintaion & resilience.
  • ◊ Honesty.
  • ◊ Fun.

Where does the name Everyday People come from?

The essence behind Everyday People is my desire to work alongside good people, when I say, “Good People”, I don’t just mean those who are great at what they do, but those who are simply decent folk.

After a glass of wine or two I came up with the working title “good peoples”, but in the end, I named it after the song. The meaning behind the lyrics resonate with me - intrinsically they are saying let’s be nice people, folks. I’ve always preferred the Sly and the Family Stone version.

If only I knew back then what I know now

As far back as I can remember I’ve always admired those who ran their own business, but it didn’t enter my mind that I could actually start my own. I fell into it in my thirties, and despite long hours and the inevitable ups and downs, I've never regretted it. If I can help (even in a tiny way) the amazing people with the dedication and mastery it takes to be self-employed, that would make me happy!

If you'd like to find out more I’d be happy to call you or get a coffee.



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