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About Me

Michelle is the owner of Virtual Hand and has over 30 years experience in the world of office administration and over 15 years experience at Senior and Board level, gained in a variety of industries; Finance, Textiles, Charity, Advertising, Marketing and Distribution; all in Yorkshire.

She is a fully qualified trainer in Microsoft packages (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook) and also has a background of 20+ years in the Military and brings all that discipline, ‘can-do’ attitude as well as fun and commitment to support her clients every step of the way.

My Work
Additional Skills:
Why I Love My Job :

I love to talk and I love to help. Talking to other business owners is so inspiring and I love to ask questions and sometimes they may be challenging ones. I'm also a little bit nosey! However, I also like to offer insights from working within my business, other clients and my experiences to date.

My Experience:

I've spent my working life in either an office or a training room - helping others to understand, develop and grow. Lots of years supporting C Suite Directors to get stuff done. Nearly 30 years in the military so know all about 'hurry up and wait' not something I'm a fan of so am quick to respond, take action and support.

I'm Great At:

Extracting and planning workload so all gets done, on time and in a logical order. Having conversations to understand everything that needs to be done and working with individuals or teams to execute an action plan.
Delegating to my team to support both me and my clients.

I'm Proud Of:

VA of the Year North East 2019.
Making sure my clients are doing what they love.
Encouraging and supporting my clients to succeed.

Working Together
How I Like To Work:

Directly with the leader!
As part of a team, fully informed and proactive to ensure no balls are dropped.

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