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About Me

I'm a freelance Digital Marketing consultant based in Huddersfield. I work with clients and agencies throughout the UK on digital marketing campaigns.

I have worked in what some people would consider to be some of the more mundane sectors such as Financial Services and industrial products and helped clients and past employers to come up with new, fresh content ideas.

In terms of digital media, my key strengths are SEO, AdWords, Social Media (including paid Facebook and LinkedIn ads) and as an experienced copywriter I'm able to create and adapt content for each of these channels easily.

As a trained, qualified marketer, I am also very experienced in putting integrated plans together to allow the different media to work together to achieve a client's marketing objectives.

My Work
My Experience:

I can adapt my thinking to most markets and products and I'd say that Financial Services, Professional Services, B2B and Automotive are my strongest sectors, having worked in all of them in some capacity.

As a CIM-qualified marketer and a tutor on the CIM Digital Marketing qualification, I am well-versed in the planning and strategic process behind digital activity.

I'm Proud Of:

Degree and CIM Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
A Google Partner, with accreditations in AdWords and Analytics

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