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About Me

Hi there, I'm Lucy, a German to English translator by trade and founder of York-based translation company LEaF Translations. With over 15 years' experience in the translation industry, I am here to help should you need any translation services or advice on website translations, translating marketing materials, keyword localisation and more.

I can help with:

My Work
Why I Love My Job :

I love words and language, and I am fascinated by how language affects the way we think and feel.
As a translator, my role is to help people communicate across cultural boundaries and to help to break down linguistic barriers. Translations can facilitate the sharing of knowledge and ideas, can help to bridge national divides, and can open up entire new countries of potential customers.
I love working with individuals and companies and helping them reach out and communicate beyond their own native language. As a certified translator, part of my job also includes helping people with their visa applications by translating official documents.
I am passionate about ethical business and sustainability. One of my main motivations for growing LEaF Translations is to increase my own positive impact. I am proud to say that LEaF Translations is a carbon-neutral translation company and that we are the first UK translation company to become an accredited member of the Good Business Charter.

My Experience:

I have worked in the translation industry for over 15 years - both in-house, as a freelance German to English translator and, more recently, as the owner of a translation company. During this time, I have translated a vast array of different texts, from e-commerce websites to birth certificates. I once even translated a letter from a cardinal to the pope!
My wealth of experience within the industry means that I am perfectly positioned to provide translation services to a wide range of customers, always with the best possible service.

I'm Great At:

Providing top-quality translations and project management. I am also passionate about customer service and treating people with respect. I believe that all businesses can be ethical - from high-street brands to small translation companies - and it is this belief that drives me on to keep growing LEaF Translations and to build a business that I can be truly proud of.

I'm Proud Of:

* LEaF Translations being the first UK translation company to become an accredited member of the Good Business Charter.
* Owning a carbon-neutral translation company.
* Inspiring other business owners and individuals to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Working Together
How I Like To Work:

For translations, emailing the text across tends to work best - it allows me to get a good idea of what you want so I can send you a quote. For larger projects (i.e. full website translations) or keyword localisation, jumping on a quick call can be really helpful. But, at the end of the day, I am here to help you - so if you prefer to have a quick chat, call me; if you would rather just get a price, an email is more than sufficient!
I am also always happy to connect on LinkedIn and thanks to my unique surname (Pembayun), I am easy to find!

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