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About Me

Grace helps tech innovators create impact through branding and communication.

Bringing a decade of industry experience, Grace Abell presents businesses as their smartest, to engage their ideal clients.

Grace can help you with brand identity and communications, from email and PDF design to beautiful printed brochures.

My Work
Why I Love My Job :

I love being a freelance designer as I am always learning from the different businesses I work with. I apply this insight to my client work. Freelancing has been a very effective way of sharpening my skillset and creating a valuable offer for my clients.

My Experience:

I have almost a decade of industry experience. I have gained this by being an in-house designer for a retail gadget brand and being a full-time designer at a magazine. I have been an independent designer for five years, which has enabled me to name companies as prestigious as National Geographic to my books.

I'm Great At:

Listening to my clients' needs is my power. I don't jump ahead and offer a solution based on great ideas but no depth. I consider carefully where a company is at, its vision for the future and how I can best help achieve that.

I'm Proud Of:

Winning the Business Innovation category at the Women Mean Business Awards.
Being a regular contributor to Computer Arts magazine.

Working Together
How I Like To Work:

I strive to listen to a client's needs, and then create work which engages their target audience. I try to avoid trends, and prioritise clear communication paired with sharp presentation.

My Favourite Tools:

Nothing beats getting ideas down onto paper, as imagination is the most powerful tool there is. I will test hundreds of logo ideas before refining them to a handful. Design software can be learned, but experience ,insight and creativity is irreplicable.

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