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About Me

Hello, I am your local Yorkshire brand manager.

What can a brand manager do for you?

I am the guardian angel of your brand. Hugely passionate about your brand, I ensure that it has a visual and verbal consistency across all areas of your business. I am here to make sure your business is understood and represented in the best possible way, and that it is included in every relevant marketing opportunity.

I eat, sleep and dream your brand, concocting new and innovative ways to connect with your customers.
Born and raised in the beautiful city of York, I am truly passionate about my city’s heritage, culture and home grown brands.

Having spent 14 years managing brands in the consumer goods industry (FMCG), my experience has been incredibly varied. Product sourcing and development has always been a passion of mine. The thrill of pitching ‘dragons den’ style to big corporations such as Boots, Tesco and Sainsbury’s has always helped me successfully secure listings. I’ve always relished the challenge of creating new and engaging marketing concepts.

However, I felt it was time to work with local brands that make a positive difference through their products or services. Yorkshire Brand Stories was born to enable me to work with brands I felt passionate about and make a difference within my community.

My Work
Additional Skills:
Why I Love My Job :

I love working with people who are really passionate about their brands and I get a buzz from helping them tell their story by showcasing their brand values and unique selling points.

Doing things a little differently has always been my approach to successful branding and marketing projects. By taking a concept to the next level the results really excite and delight consumers. I find it incredibly rewarding to exceed expectations and bring a smile to a client’s face.

My Experience:

I set up my business, Yorkshire Brand Stories, with the aim to work with local companies to help share across the country the amazing brands Yorkshire has to offer. With over 14 years of working with global brands such as Disney, Nickelodeon and Aardman Animations and having worked across a variety of sectors including branding, marketing, product sourcing (globally) and licensing I believe I have lots to offer at a competitive, Yorkshire price.

I'm Great At:

Getting under the skin and in tune with your business goals quickly. I have worked across a range of roles from Branding and Marketing to Operations, Sales and Finance which means I am able to think about your business from every aspect and consider the impact any new initiative may have.

I'm Proud Of:

The volunteer work I do for York Mumbler. This is a community based platform which helps parents in and around the city of York. I support in the areas of Brand, Marketing and PR.

Working Together
How I Like To Work:

In the way that works best for you. Face to face, managing people, working on my own - I've done it all and I can honestly say so long as I am busy and have a fresh brew, I am happy!

My Favourite Tools:

I am the queen of Power Point, although having recently discovered Canva I have to say I am quickly becoming addicted to that also. I am a very visual person so everything I present back to you will tell a story in my own creative style.

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