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We are Everyday People

Have you ever wanted quick access to local professionals you can trust to do a remarkable job, on time within budget? But are unsure how to find the best person

...Or have you ever needed more clients with interesting projects?


Don’t worry you are not alone...

These are the problems I faced when I came up with the idea for Everyday People. After my eureka moment I began to develop the concept, drawing upon my experience of building two businesses. I started to visualise how Everyday People could solve these dilemmas, as well as other problems I’d encountered, or had told to me over a glass of wine at networking events:

  • “Twitter’s how you find people to do bits of work for you, right?”

A shout-out over social media can’t be the most effective way to find a reliable professional perfect for your job. Spending hard earned cash surely deserves a bit more consideration.


  • “We’ll just take someone on full-time when we can afford it”

Employing someone isn’t the only way to ease your workload and free-up time. Particularly if paying your own wage is challenging enough some months.


  • “I can write this press release myself”

Professional help will be more cost effective, especially if your copy writing prowess is not up to scratch.


So we set about creating a solution, and here it is. However, Everyday People isn’t just a curated solution, it’s a real life community of extraordinary people, with inspiring local events and friendly get-togethers you can attend to build your networks, develop your skills, or simply unwind with like-minded people.

All of our members are Yorkshire based because I’m a true believer that face to face meetings and a community built on real life conversations are much more effective and rewarding than virtual networks.

So that’s how we got here. Welcome to Everyday People.

Find out how it works or discover how you can join our community.

If you have any questions I’d be more than happy to give you a call or grab a quick coffee.



Founder of Everyday People

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